Frequently Asked Questions

Listing your job

I'm trying to list my job but can't find the service that I need

Padfixer is a new service and under some circumstances we may not be able to provide the service(s) that you require since we do not have a sufficient number of experts capable of handling your service requirement. However, you can suggest a new service by visiting

I've listed my job but haven't received any quotes from experts

There are various reasons why you may not be receiving quotes:

  • Your job listing may not include enough information. Try editing your job requirements to include more detailed information. Experts are more likely to express an interest in your job if you have included photos and/or videos in your job posting.
  • All of the local experts are presently busy with other jobs
  • There are no experts in your local area that can handle your job

Why can I only watch the first minute of the video I uploaded?

All videos are limited to a duration of one minute. Your videos should be short and direct to the point. However, if you feel you need more than a minute to illustrate your job requirements you can shoot multiple videos when adding your job posting.

General questions

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